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Feed your soul.

Specialty coffees, teas and homemade baked goods

Connect with friends, family, customers or colleagues while you enjoy the best coffee in Crosby, TX.

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Connections Coffee Shop

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Health, vitality, harmony.

We are committed to providing the best specialty coffee and home-baked pastries to our community. We also are committed to communication between our customers and us and between customers who come for coffee breaks, get-togethers and meetings. We will always value the personal touch and spirit of togetherness.

Espresso is made by forcing hot (but not boiling) water through specially ground coffee to produce small "shots" of robust coffee. This can be imbibed directly but is also the basis for mochas, frappes, cappuccinos, and lattes, of which we have a nice variety to choose from, flavored by our homemade syrups, which provide a semi-infinite number of combinations for our customers to enjoy. A specially designed espresso "machine" is required and is a centerpiece of our shop, with consistently great water provided by a reverse-osmosis system. We also serve drip coffee, always fresh, brewed carefully from freshly ground varietal and blended coffee beans, purchased from the GEVA coffee company of Houston, which roasts our coffee beans.

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We provide quick drive-thru service, which can be made quicker by calling ahead. We also provide delivery services through

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Serving the best coffee in Crosby! Stop by today or order online to try us out today.

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Looking for something with a little more fluff than regular black coffee? We've got you covered!

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Offering hand-made baked treats from scratch, we have the perfect options to go with your coffee or tea!

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Connections Coffee Shop in Crosby, Texas (a city-like suburb east of Houston) has been open since March 2018. The basic concept for Connections is that we can improve the lives of our community by providing a place where friends, colleagues, students, businesspeople, or small topical groups can meet and share high-quality specialty coffee products, tasty homemade baked goods, and breakfast and lunch fare. We also serve the best coffee available in Crosby to people on their way to Houston or Baytown to go to work in the morning.

However, for those customers who prefer to enjoy their coffee and pastries at home or on the road, we provide pickup (at our drive-thru window) or delivery, which can be ordered through

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Learn more about our specialty coffee shop and how we got started!

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Find your next go-to drink or treat to start your day!

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We are proud to offer online ordering through DoorDash!

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Feed Your Soul.

For the warm Texas days and afternoons, we serve iced teas and coffee and nitro-coffee, a specialty drink prepared by infusing cold coffee with nitrogen gas, making a non-alcoholic drink that tastes surprisingly like some dark beers.

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