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Health, vitality, harmony.

The owner of Connections Coffee Shop is Donna Weis, a Crosby resident. Her family operates the shop primarily, including her father and her daughters. Being family-owned and operated distinguishes Connections from most other coffee shops and emphasizes the family-like atmosphere sought for our customers' benefit. We hope that our customers will become our extended family, and we expect to have many activities that promote both family and community values.

Along with being the owner, barista and chief bottle-washer, Donna oversees the daily preparation of homemade baked goods, which will initially include chocolate croissants, several kinds of cookies and some specialty products that will emphasize culturally distinctive sweets (such as kichel (Jewish) or baklava (Armenian)). Savory and sweet turnovers, baked using shop-prepared croissant dough, have become sought-after pastries, which can make a wholesome and tasty breakfast or lunch. We are always open to preparing specialty goodies suggested by our customers.

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