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In an ever-evolving world of business and technology, one thing is certain; people need their coffee. As the best coffee shop in Crosby, Texas, Connections Coffee Shop has streamlined the best methods possible to grant everyone the coffee fix they deserve.

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Coffee not only has the power to jumpstart your day, but it also can provide comfort and drive connections. It just fills the soul. As avid coffee lovers, who had recently moved to Crosby, we realized the town needed a place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And thus, Connections Coffee Shop was created to give Crosby a local coffee spot and homemade bakery to enjoy with friends and family. While this is the short version of our story, you can keep reading to learn more about our journey in creating the best coffee shop in Crosby, or simply stop by to see what the buzz is all about!

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If you're looking for the best coffee in Crosby, look no further than Connections Coffee Shop. They have a wide variety of coffee drinks to choose from, and they also serve delicious pastries and desserts. In this blog post, we'll be discussing four of the best coffee pairings at Connections Coffee Shop. Check out our menu and come pay us a visit!


If you're like most people, you probably enjoy a good cup of coffee. And if you're like most people, you also enjoy meeting new friends. Well, Connections Coffee Shop is the perfect place to do both! This cozy little coffee shop is the best place in Crosby to relax and meet new people. Here are four ways that you can make connections with a new friend at our coffee shop or any that you visit.

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They say coffee is what keeps the world running, and for those dependent on coffee–having a bad cup of coffee can ruin your whole day! At Connections Coffee Shop we understand the sacred bond between a sleep-deprived human and a perfect cup of coffee. We not only strive to bring you the best quality coffee but also yearn to bring people together again one cup of coffee at a time. Keep reading to learn more about why our coffee shop is the best in Crosby!

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If you’re looking for the best coffee shop in Crosby, your search is finally over. Check out Connections Coffee Shop! We’re a local small business serving up specialty coffee drinks, lattes, and more. Plus, we’re open early, which makes us a great addition to your morning routine. That’s not the only reason why you should visit us, though! Keep reading, and we’ll share four more.


The terms dark, medium and light roast, whoops, let’s reverse the order to light, medium and dark roast, describe the appearance of coffee beans when roasted for different amounts of time (if roasted at the same temperature). Light roasts are closer to the original coffee fruit (coffee cherry). Medium and dark roasts have been heated more profoundly at higher temperatures. These are relative terms and apply to different roasting levels for the same coffee bean. The original coffee beans can have different colors, so you have to know something about the original coffee bean if you want to describe the type of roast simply by looking at the color.

Light roasts, being closest to the original coffee bean, are light brown or tan in color, do not show oils on the bean’s surfaces, retain more natural oils, and volatile (easily driven-off by heat) organic compounds of the bean. They are higher in acidity than medium or dark roasts of the same bean. They retain more of the fruity flavors of the original beans. Caffeine is relatively stable to heating, so the amount of caffeine is...


At Connections Coffee Shop, our coffee is brewed from the finest blended and varietal coffee beans available, principally grown in Central and South America and Africa, where the combination of soil, altitude, climate and experienced coffee farmers produce flavorful, delightful tastes. Coffee beans are the cherry-like fruit of the coffee plant and have fruit qualities in smell and taste.

The coffee plant was discovered in the 11th Century in Ethiopia by a goatherd who, according to legend, saw his goats “dancing” after eating the berries. He boiled some berries in water and began dancing, too. His discovery soon reached Yemen, in South Arabia, where the ground was fertile and conducive to growing the coffee plant. Yemen at the time was part of the Ottoman Empire, and an Ottoman Governor of Yemen, Ozdemir Pasha, brought coffee to the Sultan in Istanbul (Constantinople) in the 13th Century. In the palace, it was discovered that coffee beans could be roasted over a fire, ground, and slowly cooked with water. This method released more of the flavors of the coffee bean, and the...

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