4 Ways to Make Connections With a New Friend at a Coffee Shop

4 Ways to Make Connections With a New Friend at Connections Coffee Shop

If you're like most people, you probably enjoy a good cup of coffee. And if you're like most people, you also enjoy meeting new friends. Well, Connections Coffee Shop is the perfect place to do both! This cozy little coffee shop is the best place in Crosby to relax and meet new people. Here are four ways that you can make connections with a new friend at our coffee shop or any that you visit.

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Ask the Barista What Their Favorite Drinks Are

Simply asking the barista what their favorite drinks are will give you an opportunity to start a friendly conversation. You might be surprised at how willing they are to chat with you about their favorite coffee or tea!

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Share A Game With One Of Our Regular Groups

If you have a couple of hours to spare on a weekday morning, perhaps one of our game groups is your cup of tea (or coffee). We currently have groups gaming on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 AM. The Tuesday group plays 42, a peculiarly Texan game played with dominoes. The Thursday group plays traditional Chinese Mah Jongg, a challenging, but easily learned game. Both of these groups are always looking for new members, are happy to teach new players, and can expand to meet the number of players that are interested.

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Join Or Organize A Discussion Group

We have groups that choose to hold their meetings here at Connections Coffee Shop! Stop by our coffee shop today to see whether one of our regular groups would be interesting for you, and meet some new friends. Or, find some friends and organize a new group of your own!

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Say Hello to the Person Next to You

Whether it’s when you’re in line or enjoying your cup of coffee, try putting down your electronics and striking up a conversation with the person next to you. You can easily start with a conversation about the weather, the food and drink that they’re enjoying, or — if you’re lucky — the furry friend that they have with them!

Ready to make a new friend? Visit us at the best coffee shop in Crosby — Connections Coffee Shop! We have plenty of drinks from coffee and tea to smoothies and more, plus tasty treats and savory eats. View our menu now and stop in today!