From Coffee Shop Lover To Coffee Shop Owner: The Connections Coffee Shop Story

From Coffee Shop Lover To Coffee Shop Owner: The Connections Coffee Shop Story

Coffee not only has the power to jumpstart your day, but it also can provide comfort and drive connections. It just fills the soul. As avid coffee lovers, who had recently moved to Crosby, we realized the town needed a place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And thus, Connections Coffee Shop was created to give Crosby a local coffee spot and homemade bakery to enjoy with friends and family. While this is the short version of our story, you can keep reading to learn more about our journey in creating the best coffee shop in Crosby, or simply stop by to see what the buzz is all about!

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The Love Of A Local Coffee Shop

Seven years ago, Mike Duke and his wife, Carol, were living just outside of Austin, TX, in Dripping Springs. They greatly enjoyed their mornings spent meeting with friends at a local coffee shop. Phones were silenced. Laughter and stories filled the air. They were actually connecting with one another (and not by social media)! However, after falling in love with the atmosphere of their coffee shop, they decided to move to be close to their daughter, Donna, and avoid major construction that was going to change the whole neighborhood. Donna, her children, and grandchildren lived in Crosby, TX, a suburb East of Houston. After much thought, in 2016 Mike and Carol bought a house in Crosby’s Newport subdivision to call home, but something was missing.

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Small Town Living: The Dream Was Born

Mike and Carol desperately missed the atmosphere of their local coffee spot back in Dripping Springs. At the time, Crosby only had a large corporate coffee shop, which didn’t have the charm or charisma of a local coffee shop. Donna and Mike put their heads together, deciding that they wanted to open their own coffee shop for the Crosby community. One with conversations, fresh coffee, and delicious homemade pastries. There was only one problem — where to start. The owner of the Dripping Springs coffee shop pointed them to the Texas Coffee School, where they could learn the ins and outs of the coffee industry. It took a while, but after struggling to find a suitable location in Crosby, they were finally able to open Connections Coffee Shop in 2018.

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Connections Grew

Donna and Mike quickly partnered with the GEVA Coffee Company, a local Houston coffee roaster that provides all of their coffee and tea materials and maintains their espresso and other coffee-making systems, allowing them to provide great-tasting local cups of coffee to their customers. Donna grabbed her chef’s hat and began to turn out delicious pastries. Connections Coffee Shop is more than a place to grab your morning fuel, it is the beating heart of Crosby. It’s where people come and sit down, laugh with each other, lean on each other for support, and share stories of their families.

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Family-Owned, Hometown Taste

Donna is now the principal owner of Connections Coffee Shop, pictured here with her daughter, Maryann. She is the chief baker and bottle washer and her daughter Ashley is one of two full-time baristas. Other daughters, like Maryann, are part-time baristas. Most of Donna’s pastries and homemade baked goods are from her own collection of recipes, some that were passed down from earlier generations, giving Connections Coffee Shop a hometown feel. Some of their delicious menu options include sweets such as chocolate croissants, several kinds of cookies, and some specialty products that will emphasize culturally distinctive sweets such as baklava (Armenian). And Donna has created her unique line of savory and sweet turnovers that can make a satisfying breakfast or lunch.

If you are looking for a wholesome, local coffee spot—try our little piece of coffee heaven: Connections Coffee Shop. Grab a roasted coffee and one of Donna’s homemade pastries. Sit with friends or make a new friend. It’s the best coffee in Crosby that helps you make connections. Visit us!