Groups that meet at Connections Coffee Shop

Currently currently holding regular meetings at Connections Coffee Shop

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Bible Study Group meeting

Our Religious Book Review Group at their regular Monday morning meeting

1. (Non-denominational) Religious Book Review Group.

Meets on Monday mornings, 9AM-10:30 AM. Currently reviewing Maria Valtorta's "Poem of the Man God." Accepting new members.

2. Bible Study Group

Meets on Thursday mornings, 9AM to 11AM. Discussions are based on a workbook from the "Delighting in the Lord" series. Currently working on the Book of Proverbs. Can accept one new member.

3. Texas 42 Gamers.

Currently meets on Tuesday mornings from 9AM to 11AM. 42 is a peculiarly Texan game of chance and strategy played with dominoes. Always ready to accept new players and to teach those who may not yet have been introduced to the game.

4. Mah Jongg game day.

Meets on Thursday mornings from 9AM to 11AM. Mah Jongg is an ancient game of Chinese derivation, played with tiles. It is not difficult to learn to play, but it is convenient to keep scoring rules handy. The group stands ready to teach new players.

5. Organize your own group

If you are interested in organizing and building a group, we can help in advertising its existence. Groups that might be considered could be book clubs, current event discussions, topical groups (such as gardening, kids), business support group, etc. Games might include card games or board games. We'll provide the hardware.