Our Menu


All of our goodies are baked in our shop from scratch (except bagels) for an excellent homemade taste.

The Savory Side (good for any time of day)

Breakfast Pizza – scratch made artisan pizza dough topped with country gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and cheese. It is everything you like for breakfast in an easy to eat pizza $5.50

Egg cup- Consists of a little more than one egg. There are two choices either (1) ham and bacon; or (2) veggie (Spinach and Red Pepper). All of it topped with Colby Jack Cheese. Salsa is available on request. An excellent choice for the Keto-friendly crowd. $2.75 each

Savory turnover – Delightful fillings in a croissant dough turnover. A full meal for most people. Take your pick of:

  • Ham and Cheddar cheese $6.00
  • Pepperoni and Mozzarella $6.00
  • Southwest Veggie (black beans, corn, bell pepper, onion and cheese). $6.00
  • Veggie (asparagus, red pepper, onion and pepper jack cheese) $6.00

Spinach, Artichoke Dip with Chicken Turnover. $6.75

Breakfast sausage – 2 meaty, spicy links. $1.25

Bagel (plain, blueberry, or cinnamon-raisin) with cream cheese or butter. $3.15

The Sweet Side

Chocolate croissant – full of chocolaty goodness. Large $3.49, Small $2.25

Cinnamon snail – great with your morning coffee. $2.50

Cheese Danish - croissant dough base, with or without fruit topping. $2.50

Cinnamon Crumble Coffee Cake - cream cheese topping. $2.75

Apple turnover. Filled with baked apples, cinnamon. To be shared. $5.25

Other Sweet Stuff (Made especially for those with a sweet tooth)

Baklava – Armenian/ Greek pastry. Layers of filo dough and walnuts smothered in honey. A gooey sticky treat. $2.25

Fruity bread – Orange-cranberry or banana bread, baked on-site. Large $7.00; Medium $4.50; Small $2.75

Biscotti – Crispy cookie, invented in medieval Italy. Baked occasionally, always available. $1.29

Mexican wedding cookies – Traditional recipe with plenty of pecans and powdered sugar. Come in packages of 3. $1.25

Chocolate chip cookies – Crowded with chocolate chips. $1.19

Hot Coffee Bar

Our Roaster

The beans for our blended drip coffee are provided by GEVA Coffee, a Houston-based micro-roaster. They have been roasting in Houston since 1974 and provide a variety of blends and single-origin beans. Their skill has enabled us to be the best coffee shop in Crosby.

Signature Drip

Our signature drip is what people would call a medium blend, but it has plenty of caffeine. We don’t let the coffee get stale, and brew it at least every two hours. Small (12 oz.) $2.45, Medium (16 oz.) $2.85, Large (20 oz.) $3.00.

Red eye – add one shot of espresso to drip coffee.

Black eye – add a double shot of espresso to drip coffee.

Espresso-Based Drinks

Espresso requires a special machine that pushes hot water through grounds at elevated pressure. The process takes about 30 seconds (in which time 2 shots are obtained). It is then used to make the drinks below:

Espresso. Your small cup will hold 2 shots (3 ounces) of espresso. $2.25.

Americano. If you want to have a larger drink, an Americano mixes 2 shots of espresso with hot water to make something akin to the drip coffee discussed above. Small (12 ounces) $3.25; Medium (16 ounces) $3.75; Large (20 ounces) $4.25.

Flat white. Made with espresso and steamed milk, which is not allowed to foam. Small $4.00; Medium $4.75; Large $5.25.

Latte. Made with espresso, mixed with milk, and steamed. Small $4.00, Medium $4.75, Large $5.25

Cappuccino. Made with espresso and milk, and steamed to optimize the amount of foam. Small $4.00; Medium $4.75; Large $5.25

Macchiato. Double Espresso, with a dollop of milk foam on top. 4 oz. $3.25

Cortada. Double espresso with an equal amount steamed half and half. (6oz.) $4.00

Bullet-proof coffee

Can be made with espresso or drip coffee. Ingredients are coconut oil, butter, coffee, steamed heavy cream, combined in the blender. Made for those who are following the Keto diet. $8.00

Chai latte

Chai (black tea) is especially high in antioxidants. Small $5.00, Medium $5.75, Large $6.50, Make it “dirty” with a shot of espresso, add $1.20

Other teas

All teas are served as small (12 oz.) $3.25; Medium (16 oz.) $3.50; Large (20 oz.) $4.00

Black (caffeinated). Burgundy, Earl Grey, English Breakfast.

Green (caffeinated). China Jasmine, Ginger Peach, Enchanted, “Wow!” mint, Organic Green

Fruit (decaf). Coconut Frenzy, Pomberry, Roasted Almond

Herbal (decaf). Herbal Fusion, Hibiscus

Oolong (caffeinated) Dragon Fire

White (caffeinated) Strawberry White

Hot chocolate

Dark or white chocolate. With or without whipped cream. Small (12 oz.) $4.00 Medium (16 oz.) $4.50; Large (20 oz.) $5.00

Cold coffee bar

Cold brew

We make our cold brew by steeping coffee grounds for 24 hours in a special container. The result is a concentrated coffee that is a flavorful and highly caffeinated. It is the basis for many of our cold coffee bar items.

Iced Coffee – Cold brew over ice. Very strong. One of our large range of flavors can be added (see list of available flavors below). Small (12 oz.) $3.25; Medium (16oz.) $3.75; Large (20oz.) $4.50

Iced Latte – Cold brew stirred briskly with milk, over ice. Small $4.00; Medium $4.75; Large $5.25

Frappe –blended, frozen coffee treat. We can make any flavor you desire (from our list). Most popular are Mocha and Caramel. Small $5.75; Medium $6.25; Large $6.75.

Nitro coffee

Nitro coffee is made by pressurizing cold brew with nitrogen gas. Nitrogen dissolves in the coffee and emerges when the coffee is delivered from its keg, causing a foam to form on top. This gives the coffee a distinctive taste that some compare to beer. Nitro coffee is very high in caffeine (as is the cold brew). It is great on a hot day. 10 oz. $4.50; 12 oz. $5.00.

Nitro latte. Mix your nitro coffee with milk and an optional flavor. Small (12 oz.) $5.00; Medium (16 oz.) $5.75; Large (20 oz.) $6.50.

Chai (and other teas)

Iced tea (unsweetened). Our specially brewed blended tea over ice. A favorite on a warm day. No charge for adding sugar. Small $1.40; Medium $1.65; Large $1.90

Special Tea. Have any of the teas listed on the hot coffee bar menu, poured over ice. Small $3.50; Medium $4.00; Large $4.50

Iced Chai Latte. Chai, milk, Ice. Small $5.00; Medium $5.75; Large $6.50. Make it “dirty” with a shot of espresso, add $1.20

Other cold drinks

Italian soda. Vanilla, Strawberry, Blackberry, Orange, Green Apple, and other syrups added to freshly carbonated water. Small $2.75; Medium $3.25; Large $3.75

Flavor add-ins

Flavors can be added to most of our hot or cold coffee drinks – syrups (add $0.60) and sauces (add $1.15).

SAUCES: Caramel, Mocha, White Chocolate, Sugar-Free Chocolate

Syrup options: Almond, Amaretto, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Cheesecake, Cinnamon, Butterscotch, Butter Pecan, Caramelized Peanut, Coconut, Dulce de Leche, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Peppermint, Green Mint, Irish Cream, Macadamia Nut, Caramel, Salted Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow, Toffee Crunch, Vanilla

Sugar-Free Vanilla, Sugar-Free Caramel, Sugar-Free Hazelnut, Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Milk and special milks

For the lactose tolerant and the lactose intolerant, we offer the following choices:

Whole Milk, Skim milk, Soy milk, Coconut Milk*, Oat Milk*, Heavy Cream*, Half and Half*

*these milks have additional costs.